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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Expedition kit.

This is the gear that i live and work with on an expedition, minus clothing, food and water.

mountain hardware lamina 0 (-18 limit) sleeping bag
120ltr flight bag
8 man group shelter
issue reversible bivi jacket
vaude taurus 1
25 ltr forces day pack
msr quick system 1
therma rest prolite regular
issue camelbak
winter jacket
msr whisperlite international
winter trousers
gloves/hat/microlite fleece
first aid kit
petzl myo xp
hennessy hammock explorer dulux asym with 30d hex tarp and garda hitch modification
soft shell
fuel bottle
120ltr berghaus vulcan (modified)
mora frost knife
msr exped maintainence kit/wind shield
snugpack jungle sleeping bag
gloves goretex
mosquito net
mummy liner
snugpack response pack with survival kit
lowa mountain boots
drinksafe explorer bottles
wildcountry climbing harness
40mtr beal rope
lowa jungle boots
asortment of dmm carabiners with sling
5 dmm prowire quick draws
side pouches of my bergen/day pack
walking poles

This is fixed to my body at ALL times to ensure that if the worst should happen, I am prepared.

first aid kit
pace counter and gear karabiner
gps with waterproof case
emergency strobe
every day firesteel
id tags with blood group
cotton wool tinder
100ft para cord
signalling mirror
spare fire steel
inner tube
fishing kit x 2
spare clip and whistle
water proof matches
waterproof note paper and first aid memoire
knife sharpener
chinagraph pencil
camel bak mouthpeice
spare torch
button compass
parachord (lil bit extra as a bracelet)
windproof/uv blocking buff
1600ltr filter
waterproof box
mess tin
dry sack
spare batteries
waterproof storage tin
Lancashire hot pot rat pak

Now its currently a little depleted as im back off to borneo again for six months in three weeks so it needs a top up. i.e more spare batteries etc.... snare wire blah blah blah.... this was just a quick show and tell.

Hope at least someone found that vaguely interesting.....

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