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About me

James McSparron F.R.G.S

I am intent on travelling the world, exploring cultures, learning new languages and gaining new
experiences. I want to do it in the most unique way possible and experience as much as possible
along the way, whether it be eating something strange, first contact with indigenous people or running
around in the forest. I'll be there.

General Experience: Trekking and expedition in a variety of environments, ranging from high altitude
through to jungle. Experience in organising expeditions with groups and individuals that were tailored
to meet their requirements. A good fixer and all round helper. Able to remain calm and practical even
in the most extreme of situations

Qualifications & training:

  • ·    Trekforce Expedition Leadership Training (3 months in Borneo, comprehensive program that encompasses all areas of expedition leadership and management, from varying legislation through to practical skills)
  • ·    Familiar with British Standards 8848 (UK companies guidelines for operating abroad), Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, Year Out Group codes of practise and Young Explorers Trust guide lines for expeditions.
  • ·    Duke of Edinburgh Instructor (Camden DoE: 12-18yrs old) Taught and mentored all areas of course, including Nav, expeditions, physical, skill and volunteer work. Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels.
  • ·         Mountain Leader Trained (Summer Mountain Leader Training)
  • ·         Level 2 Parachutist (Army Parachute
  • Association)
  • ·         Rescue Diver (PADI) Competent with below surface and land management of diving casualties and their treatment.
  • ·         MTQ1 (Military Training Qualification Level 1) Military knowledge, field craft and tactics, skill at arms, communications, map reading, first aid/hygiene, fitness and drill.
  • ·         Remote Emergency Care Level 4 (Expedition) First Aid
  • ·         Remote Emergency Care Level 2
  • ·         Emergency First Responder (PADI)
  • ·         Specialist First Aid Trained: (Chest valves, sutures, cannulas, IV/IM management of fluid/meds, anti-biotics, local anaesthetic)
  • ·         Advanced Jungle Survival Trained (Traps, shelters, navigation, food/water sources, flora and fauna)
  • ·         Kayak Level 1 (British Canoe Union)
  • ·         Canoe Level 2 (British Canoe Union)
  • ·         Navigation (Deep jungle and mountain environments, both UK and abroad)
  • ·         River Crossings (high lines, safety lines, throw ropes)
  • ·         Helicopter Extraction Training (Signals and procedures)
  • ·         Rescue Training (Jungle, River, Rope
  • work)
  • ·         Tracking (Animals and People)
  • ·         Incident Management and Assessment Training
  • ·         Summer Mountain Proficiency (Military)
  • ·         Casualty Evacuation management (Stretchers, Communications, Situation Reports, Group Management)
  • ·         Climbing to a 6b French grade and a 4/5 Ice grade. (Leading indoors and outdoors)
  • ·         Indoor Climbing Instructor (HighSports, experience with both adults and children, harnessing, rope work, leading, route setting)
  • ·         Taught expedition and jungle survival techniques to numerous groups
  • ·         University of London Officer Training Corps and Rifles Regiment
  • ·         Extensive weapons training
  • ·         Section Commander and Colour Party Commander
  • ·         Enhanced Ciminal Records Bureau Clearance
  • ·         Quality Mountain Days 40+
  • ·         QualityJungle days 100+
  • ·         Quality High altitude days (4000mtrs+)
  • 60+

Personal bests:
  • ·        Highest Mountain Climbed: 6088mtrs Huayna Potosi, Cordillera Real, Bolivia. 3 days climbing. Temperatures reached -30
  • ·         Deepest Scuba Dive: 35mtrs Kho Tao, Thailand
  • ·         Deepest Official Free Dive: 25mtrs Static Apnea Free diving School.
  • ·         Highest Trek: 5500mtrs Alti Plano, Southern Peru, Cusco/Puno Districts.
  • ·         Longest Unsupported Trek: 45 Days
  • ·         Longest solo jungle trek: 6 days

  • ·         Crossing the second highest plain in the world on horseback, unsupported. (450km+ at 5500mtrs) (Possible first, still attempting to confirm)
  • ·         First outsider to visit Nanga Liuk (West Kalimantan, Borneo) Taman Balo tribe. North West of Puttissibau district, Kapuas Ulu.
  • ·         Pai to Mae Hong Song direct on a dirt bike, through hill tribe territory. (110km+)
  • ·         Great Britain Under 19 Vice Capitan for Rifle Shooting, helped lead tour to South Africa.
  • ·         England U19 Captain for Rifle Shooting (Long Distance, 900mtrs +)
  • ·         Honorary project consultant for Rumah Solusi NGO.

Humanitarian work:
  • ·         Hands On Disaster Relief (HODR) team leader for Sumatran earthquake response 2009/2010, Padang Pariaman district, in response to a 7.9 earthquake on the Richter scale. Demolition, construction and repair of housing and infrastructure. Using teams to manage safe clearances and construction of temporary shelters. Disaster Risk Reduction classes given at local schools to minimise future risk. English lessons also given.
  • ·         Trekforce team member for bridge building projects in the Long Lellang district of Sarawak, Borneo 2011.
  • ·         Inti Wara Yassi volunteer, animal sanctuary/rehabilitation centre, Bolivian jungle. Aiding in the treatment and rehabilitation/release of a variety of jungle animals in a private nature reserve.
  • ·         Ibu Foundation, aid worker in Internally Displaced Peoples Camp, Sumatra 2010. Creating sustainable water systems for internal refugees affected by natural disasters in Indonesia. Operating within remote areas, often only accessible via scrambler motorbikes, for extended periods of time to promote better hygiene and living conditions.

Articles and literature published:
  • ·         Article written for the South American Explorers Club “Crossing the Andes”
  • ·         Contributions made to book: “Asian Tribes” by Lars Krutak, a professor/ anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute.
  • ·         Articles written for on variety of topics including voluntourism.
  • ·         Established YouTube channel regarding expedition tips with over 90,000 views
  • ·         Designed, wrote and edited blog and personal website with a range of expedition related media, from articles and tips, through to kit lists and guides.
  • ·         Wrote a Penan Phrase book for guides to learn English entitled “Ha Putih”

Languages spoken:
  • ·         English (Fluent)
  • ·         Spanish (Fluent)
  • ·         Indonesian/Malay (Intermediate)
  • ·         Penan (Intermediate)

  • ·         Europe: Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Ukraine, Gibraltar and Ireland.
  • ·         Americas: Canada, United States of America, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.
  • ·         Africa: Egypt and South Africa
  • ·    Asia: Russia, Thailand, Malaysia (Peninsular, Sarawak and Saban Borneo) Brunei and Indonesia (Sumatra, West Papua, Kalimantan Borneo and Java)

Professional body membership:
  • ·         Royal Geographic Society
  • ·         British Mountaineering Council
  • ·         Mountain Leader Training Association

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