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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Coffee that really matters...

This top is quite close to my heart to be honest.

I volunteered for two different disaster relief agencies after the Sumatran earthquake of 2009, one American and one Indonesian NGO. Both groups eventually became like family and I thoroughly recommend doing something similar should you get the chance.

The Indonesian NGO is called the IBU foundation and one of its members decided to try something, that for Indonesia, is very radical. They opened up a Coffee shop and a Charity shop in Bandung; about an hours drive from Jakarta. Bandung is much nicer than Jakarta and well worth a visit anyway.... Nestled among a huge volcanic range and every house covered in gorgeous terracota tiles, even though its a major city, it looks like a small village in Italy.

The Coffee shop is unique. It has prices that cater for the volunteers working with the NGO and locals alike. The coffee is fair trade and sourced from every corner of Indonesia. Finally, their profits are shared among humanitarian organisations throughout Indonesia. If ever I have needed a reason for a morning cup of Joe.... thats got to be pretty high up on my list. So why not pop by, have a coffee, get to know some local people and maybe even try and volunteer? Who knows.... this coffee shop may be the start of something fantastic....

They have outdoor and indoor seating PLUS: FREEEEE WIFI!!! so go sit down, grab a cup of amazing coffee for $0.30 American and call home.

Check out their facebook page for address and prices (its in both Indonesian and English so dont be scared!)

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